Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I want to be the Actor on my site?
A: That’s not a problem. We have hundreds of partner studios in just about every major city in the country. At a time that’s convenient for you, we will arrange for you to visit one of our local studios to shoot your video.
Q: What do I have to do to my website to add an iSpeakVideo product to it?
A: You don’t have to make any changes to your site. Our video will lay over your existing page and disappear when done. The process is simple. Just tell us the page where you want the video to play and that’s it. Our technical support team will take care of the entire process.
Q: Does have to host the video?
A: Not necessarily. However, 87% of our clients choose to host their videos with us because our servers are optimized for video streaming and we have a global footprint which ensures your videos will be played fluidly and without interruption. But, if you have the server and bandwidth and want to host the video yourself, our Web Implementation team will gladly send you the files and instructions for you to integrate it yourself.
Q: Why should I add video to my website?
A: Adding video sets you apart from your competitors. But most importantly, our borderless video products allow you to explain your product or service clearly. Let’s face it, plain text is boring and people may not read through your entire site. Video can immediately point out your strengths, highlight upcoming promotions, even direct traffic to take action. It’s one of the most effective tools to help you achieve your online goals.
Q: I already have video on my site. Can I use it?
A: In most cases the answer is no. Borderless video is shot in a completely different environment than most regular videos you see online. Our video production process includes HD-quality video, crisp audio, lighting optimized for the web, and a host of other proprietary secrets we use so our videos stand out. However, if you have a chroma-key (green screen) video clip, we may be able to encode it for you.
Q: I’ve noticed several other companies out there offering the similar products. Why should I choose iSpeakVideo?
A: We are asked this question repeatedly. And it’s a fair one. As the innovators of the virtual spokesperson, iSpeakVideo has been doing this for quite some time. We have years of experience and we know what we’re doing. Once you start a project with us, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Project Coordinator who will walk you through our process. We’ll then work with our copywriters to hone your message to ensure the right delivery. Our vast array of professionally-trained actors will ensure the perfect delivery. And you’ll even have a conference call with one of our Production Directors to review the shoot and discuss any special requests you may have. We’re not two people in a garage working with a handycam. We have a talented and diverse company of dedicated professionals ready to make your video project a raving success. You’ve spent good money on your website and you only get one chance to make a first impression. Why would you go with anyone else?
Q: How do I get started?
A: It’s as easy as filling out a Contact Us form and one of our experienced sales representatives will go over your goals and needs for the video product you are interested in. If you would like immediate assistance, feel free to give us a call at 855-547-7325 now.