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Digital sumbol-icon-img Marketing what is it all about?

Yes, Digital Marketing is about using the incredible power of the Internet to deliver your message and explode your business. Yes, it’s about the amazing tools at your disposal to drive traffic to your website, generate leads and increase sales. But it’s more than that. Digital Marketing is about connecting with people – customers, suppliers, and strategic partners – that can help build your business and realize your dreams, both online and offline.

Many businesses are strictly virtual. Many more companies have both real-world and virtual operations. Some organizations are B2B, while others are consumer focused. They all have one thing in common. They all sell a product or service to someone. A real person someplace. And the Internet has the unique power to take your message to those customers, suppliers and strategic partners.

iSpeakVideo provides a variety of Digital Marketing services and support. From helping you to leverage your local SEO ranking to creating dynamic email campaigns to integrating your online and offline marketing efforts. iSpeakVideo can help you create and execute an effective marketing plan. Take a look at some of the fabulous tools that can catapult your business to success.

Local Seo

Local SEO is essential to the success of your digital marketing strategy. When potential customers in your area search for your business, you want to be front and center on the results page. Our digital marketing team can optimize your website with Local SEO so your site can gain higher local search rankings.


Customer reviews can make or break your online reputation. Many consumers make decisions on whether to use a service or product by reading reviews. iSpeakVideo can help you successfully integrate reviews into your digital marketing strategy to enhance your reputation and expand your customer base.

Social Media

Social media is more than just a marketing trend – it is a key strategy for building brand recognition and develop relationships with customers. Our social media expertise has shown that the key to a strong social media presence is to create valuable content targeted toward the customers you want to reach.

Email Campaigns

Leverage your e-mail database with targeted messaging that engages your client base. iSpeakVideo can craft effective campaigns that tie in with social media marketing that compels the recipient to take action – purchasing a product, reading your latest blog, or visiting your website to learn more about your company.


If Ecommerce is vital to your company’s future, iSpeakVideo is here for you. Do you have one product to sell? Two hundred? Digital products to download? Membership plans? Credit card processing and PayPal? Our ecommerce platforms can do it all. We can put your business on the web fast and economically.

Search Marketing

By utilizing both paid and unpaid strategies, iSpeakVideo can help you optimize your website’s rank on search engine pages. Our expertise in both “organic” and search engine optimization strategies will ensure your brand’s ranking is taking up prime real estate on search engine pages.


Including video in your digital marketing strategy is not only a great way to provide useful information to your current customers, it’s actually a great way to drive new customers to your website and social media platforms. iSpeakVideo’s in-house production team can deliver your message with dynamic HD videos.


Developing an “organic” presence for your brand is critical to maintaining relevance online. If search engines can’t find you, neither will new customers. iSpeakVideo uses content with keywords along with advanced code to build search results naturally, rather than utilizing out-dated SEO techniques to generate results.


Being able to track and measure your digital marketing efforts is crucial to building and maintaining an effective website and social media presence. Analytics help you tailor your digital marketing strategy for maximum impact, helping you target your budget to what works and save money on what doesn’t.


Ecommerce and Digital Marketing

The Internet is the world’s largest shopping mall. It brings together a diverse group of buyers looking for everything from spicy aioli sauce to zebra-print lamps. Individuals, companies, governments and organizations are all online looking to buy professional services and physical products; digital ones, too.

So, how do you cut through the immense noise and clutter of the Internet to connect with future clients, customers or patients? The answer is Digital Marketing. These two words can breathe life into almost any business.

If you have website but don’t have a Digital Marketing plan that you are actively working, then you have effectively hung up the “Closed” sign on your virtual business. Today, Digital Marketing is the life blood of any business. It’s required. Unfortunately many business owners and managers don’t understand the clear nexus between operating a successful business and maintaining an active Digital Marketing plan.

iSpeakVideo can help you create, manage and sustain an effective, efficient Digital Marketing plan. One that will give your business a chance to thrive and succeed. Ask to speak with an iSpeakVideo business consultant today and start planning for success.

Meet your new team member: MarketManager™

Everyone is trying to get more done with less. The staff is already too busy. You know you have to implement a strong Digital Marketing plan to be successful online. But who is going to do it? Who has the time? Let alone the unique knowledge of social media, online reviews, local SEO, video marketing, email campaigns, bloging…the list goes on.

Good news. iSpeakVideo gives you the resources to create and manage an effective Digital Marketing campaign. You don’t have to go it alone and you don’t need to hire more staff. You also don’t need an expensive ad agency either.

The iSpeakVideo MarketManager is your new team member. With the MarketManager, you’ll earn all the benefits of having a professional marketing manager on staff without the enormous cost. As part of this amazing service, we will plan and execute an effective campaign designed specifically for your company. Your brand. Your objectives.

How can iSpeakVideo provide real, in-depth marketing support at such a reasonable price? That’s one of the questions frequently asked. The answer is simple. We have an incredible platform that automates many of the routine tasks that are critical to implementing and maintaining your campaigns. This marketing automation means the iSpeakVideo team is free to focus on results.

Call us to find out how the MarketManager – exclusively available from iSpeakVideo – can help you achieve your goals and dreams.

With our unique video and marketing capabilities, iSpeakVideo will help you build an effective strategy that meets your needs and achieves your objectives.

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“Thank you for generous enthusiasm about our project; your patience and your input regarding the backgrounds, presentation formats and platforms. We appreciate all of your efforts on our behalf.”- Rochelle D. Global, Fortune 500 Company (Repeat Client)

Truly Mobile Video

With nearly fifty percent of website visitors surfing the Internet from tablets and smartphones, having a mobile presence is more important than ever. In fact, Google and Bing will penalize your search ranking if your site performs poorly on mobile devices. Let iSpeakVideo walk you through the options for taking your website Truly Mobile.