About iSpeakVideo

About iSpeakVideo

History of Innovation

Innovation in business is more than just introducing a new concept or idea. It’s about the successful adoption of new concepts, ideas and tools that transform the way we do business. Innovation in business is about solving problems and expanding markets. Frequently, innovation in the business world is about doing more with less and seeing the results on the bottom line. The business of innovation has been the focus of the iSpeakVideo team since the 1970s.

VIDEO INNOVATIONS The current team of iSpeakVideo cut their video production teeth in early days of cable television. Back then it was called Community Antenna Television. Strictly analog. Black and white. Reel-to-reel. Boy has the world changed. And the iSpeakVideo team has kept pace; often leading the way. The team produced two feature films using cutting edge digital production techniques before is was the accepted norm in Hollywood.

Of course, today, iSpeakVideo has produced thousands of videos for companies big and small all around the world. Spokesperson Videos. Corporate Videos. How-To Videos. Training Videos. Commercial Videos. If it’s got “video” in the name, iSpeakVideo has undoubtedly done it.

TECH INNOVATIONS The history of innovation for the iSpeakVideo team extends beyond the world of film and television production. The team has remarkable experience with technical innovations dating back to the mid-eighties. The very early days of the personal computer.

This computing experience includes building world-class software tools with advanced programming languages and creating one of the largest early Novel networks based upon the 286 personal computer. It was 1984. The world of computers and communications advanced and the team kept pace. In 2007 the team developed the technology for streaming a feature film on the iPhone. In fact, in August 2007 the first feature film was streamed on the iPhone using this technology.

BIRTH of VIDEO TECHNOLOGY It’s against this backdrop of innovations in video and technology that gave rise to video as a technology. For the past decade, the iSpeakVideo team has been building technology to marshal the incredible capabilities of video as both a medium for communication and an interactive business tool.

Today iSpeakVideo is producing tools and implementing strategies to help businesses be more successful by taking advantage of the incredible opportunities represented by the Internet. At the core of this opportunity is video, particularly interactive video which the iSpeakVideo team helped to pioneer in 2008. Of course, the work performed by iSpeakVideo today goes well beyond just video to include extensive website development, ecommerce platforms and tools, mobile website development and a broad array of digital marketing services.

While iSpeakVideo is proud to service a number of Fortune 500 companies, our focus is on our partnerships with small- and medium-sized businesses. Our mission is to help these clients address their major concern – competing successfully in a sometimes hyper-competitive marketplace. Fortunately the Internet has leveled the playing field and allows smaller companies to compete successfully against larger players.

Embracing the business of innovation, iSpeakVideo helps companies successfully generate new leads, increase sales, and expand their brand with innovative solutions and strategies.

Let iSpeakVideo show you how we can put this history of innovation to work for your company.


Today’s video is Interactive. Video, of course, has the power to communicate with sound and moving images like no other medium. iSpeakVideo has taken video to the next level by turning the normal, one-way viewing experience into a “lean-in” experience – one where the viewer is an active participant. It’s video on steroids. It’s an innovation from the iSpeakVideo team.


Yes, unfortunately, people frequently judge a book by its cover. The initial impression potential clients make about your company is often based upon your website. But, good design is about more than just looking pretty. Your site needs to function well. It needs to generate leads and increase sales. The new generation of website tools from iSpeakVideo allows you to do this and more.


It’s not your dad’s advertising agency. Just like in Dad’s day, marketing is still part creative inspiration. Today, however, it’s also about control of advanced technologies (sorry Dad). The mad men (and women) of today know how to write copy and leverage social media, run an email campaign, boost search ranking and drive “conversions” online. That’s what iSpeakVideo does for clients.

National Company With Global Footprint

Business doesn’t clock out at 5 p.m. The work week doesn’t end on Friday. Suppliers, vendors, clients and important partners no longer have to be located across town. It is a global marketplace even if your business is localized. Your office or storefront may be downtown or at the mall, but somewhere a thousand miles away there is someone looking to do business with your business. It’s the new reality.

iSpeakVideo understands the new reality. The iSpeakVideo headquarters and digital studios are located in Seattle. Our clients, however, are located in virtually every time zone spanning the globe. So the business day at iSpeakVideo begins long before the sun rises in Seattle and continues well after the sun has gone to bed.

If you need a video of your warehouse in Minneapolis, the clinic in Winnipeg or the sales meeting in Miami, iSpeakVideo has your production covered. We have Partner Studios across the US and Canada and in major cities abroad. It’s a tested network of production professionals.

Our team will coordinate the entire process. iSpeakVideo will handle everything from scripting to production to editing to installation to hosting. It’s what we do on a global basis. Any where. Any time. Seven days a week.

The website development services and digital marketing support provided by iSpeakVideo are also available to clients around the world. With servers on just about every continent, the high-speed network used by iSpeakVideo is second to none for delivering your video or website content to viewers anywhere.

Learn more about the national brand with the global footprint. iSpeakVideo. CLICK HERE or call 206.745.2332