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Before You Start Your Video Production, Ask Yourself Why?

We love it when clients call with a great video project and want to launch it yesterday. We’re in the business of video production.  So, of course, we want to accommodate clients with their video production needs.

Our initial conversation with any new client, however, begins with the question, Why?

Why are you producing this video? What do you want to accomplish with this corporate video or video spokesperson? What’s the objective?

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How Do I Use a Corporate Video for Marketing? Part Two

It’s a common question. shutterstock_129123308-232x155In Part One we covered the essentials. Those elements you want to make sure you have in your corporate video before you launch your marketing campaign.

Your Website.

Of course the first place you want to use the corporate video is on your own website. This seems like a no-brainer. It is. The key is how you use it on your website.  Don’t use the Youtube code to place the video on your site. Continue reading

What is this thing called “Video Production”

shutterstock_104724857-233x155 In 1976, when I first started in professional video production at a small cable television station, video production involved two inch real-to-real tape; black and white.  Back then the world was split into video and film. That was it.

Back then you knew what someone meant when they said “video production” – video was produced using a video camera and captured on video tape. It was video. Movies back then were shot on film. Video used video tape. Simple.

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Why the Interactive Video Spokesperson Sells More

Tshutterstock_111271166-248x155he video spokesperson has been used on business websites for about eight years. iSpeakVideo largely pioneered the industry and was even featured in several network news stories back in the day. Like most technologies, the basic video spokesperson has undergone a transformation. The Flash website spokesperson is slowly giving way to the HTML5 video spokesperson that can play on mobile devices. Continue reading

What Makes a Powerful Corporate Video? Part One

“Jshutterstock_113484841-232x155ust the facts.” That’s the way the client put it. He was an engineer by training. He wanted the corporate video for his firm to lay out the facts. And a good corporate video should provide the viewer with “the facts” – said another way, the value proposition. Why should you use our product or service? All good corporate video productions start with that premise. Continue reading