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What makes a Corporate Video a Great Video?

A great Corporate Video starts with a compelling script. A winning corporate video script reads well by itself without any images, music or graphics. The message is evocative. In the hands of a talented editor the images combined with the music lift the message off the page. However, even the most talented editor will struggle to “save” a bad script. The script is just the starting point. Watch this short Corporate Video for more.

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Effective Digital Marketing Using Blogs

To blog or not to blog?

That’s not really a question at all. If you are actively working to gain more exposure and drive more traffic to your website, like most companies are, blogging should be a key component of your digital marketing plan. According to one recent study, companies that publish at least 15 blogs per month get five times more traffic than those that don’t blog. Five times! That’s digital marketing. Continue reading

How would chapters be used with an Explainer or Corporate Video?

Let’s say you have a presentation that runs three minutes and covers several topics. Some users will become impatient watching a three-minute Corporate Video. While other users may sit through the entire three minutes without any second thought. Generally, however, it’s easier for a user to watch three, one-minute videos or chapters. Breaking your video into segments or topics called chapters will make your presentation more viewable. Watch this short video for more.

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What is the best length for my Corporate Video or Explainer Video?

What is the best length for you video? Surprise! There is no perfect length for a Corporate Video. Like all videos the subject has to be relevant to the viewer. If the subject and content are relevant you can hold the user’s attention indefinitely. The real question should be what is the shortest amount of time it will take to tell your message? This is very important. Watch the corporate video to learn more.

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How can Corporate Video be used with internal teams?

The use of the Corporate Video is not limited to client or customer presentations. Frequently the Corporate Video or Explainer Video are used for presentations to internal staff or teams. Corporate Videos can be produced to explain new benefits or changes in policy to the company’s employees. The use of bullet points or on-screen text emphasis key elements and help the staff member to quickly grasp the important points. Watch this video to learn more.

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How can I use a Corporate Video Presentation?

The uses for a Corporate Video Presentation are endless. Frequently Corporate Videos, also known as Explainer Videos, are used to convey complex messages in a simple, easy to grasp visual format. Any topic or message can be covered by a corporate video. The combination of motion-graphics, images, on-screen text and voice-over narration work together to breakdown more complex messages and explain difficult to grasp concepts more easily. Watch the video to learn more.

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What is a Corporate Video Presentation?

The video on this page is an example of a Corporate Video. The Corporate Video, sometimes called an Explainer Video, is a multimedia video presentation. It usually combines voice-over narration, images, on-screen text and other graphics to tell a story or explain a product or service. It’s the use of on-screen graphics and other images that elevates the simple video to category of Corporate Video. Watch the corporate video to learn more.

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Going Social with Your Corporate Video

shutterstock_94715374Some of our larger clients have separated their website operations from their social media efforts. This is an outgrowth of the decision to make websites part of the IT department and social media part of marketing. They have inadvertently built an imaginary firewall between their websites and their social media presence. Continue reading

Before You Start Your Video Production, Ask Yourself Why?

We love it when clients call with a great video project and want to launch it yesterday. We’re in the business of video production.  So, of course, we want to accommodate clients with their video production needs.

Our initial conversation with any new client, however, begins with the question, Why?

Why are you producing this video? What do you want to accomplish with this corporate video or video spokesperson? What’s the objective?

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Why Isn’t My Video Spokesperson Transparent?

shutterstock_132205451That’s usually the first question we get after we install a video spokesperson on a client website and they look at their virtual spokesperson on an iPad. iSpeakVideo virtually invented the video spokesperson; network news channels actually carried stories about iSpeakVideo in the early days of the transparent video spokesperson.

So, what happened? HTML5 happened.

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