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5 Tips To Redesign Your Website


Your website’s design is a lot like your outfit. It plays a significant role in your first impression. If you wear a pair of overalls and flip flops to a business meeting your colleagues are most likely going to disregard you, much less even look at you. Same thing goes for your website. If you Read the full article…


A Man or Woman for Spokesperson in a Corporate Video?

It’s one of the more debated questions. Should the spokesperson for your Corporate Video presentation be a man or a woman? It’s an important consideration. The data is a bit conflicting. Some of the research says a Woman is more memorable. But more complete studies show the decision is more complicated and a bit surprising. Here’s the real answer in a short, informative blog post and corporate video which will help you decide. Read More


What Images Work Best with a Corporate Video Presentation

Selecting the right images for a Corporate Video Presentation or Explainer Video can be challenging. The Corporate Video needs to work as one cohesive-piece to deliver a strong message. The images should add to the story telling, but they shouldn’t be so unique or visually interesting that they take the viewer away from the message. How you strike that balance is at the heart of creating a powerful Corporate Video. This brief article dissects the issue. There’s even a short video. Read More


Google Change Presents Digital Marketers With A Great Opportunity


Should YouTube be a part of my digital marketing strategy? That has been a common question amongst marketers lately. Until recently though, I haven’t given YouTube any serious thought as a form of delivering our content. It’s a simple way to go. Free hosting and easy to setup, but unless you really push your YouTube channel it won’t drive huge amounts of traffic. I would rather spend that time and effort promoting our website — until now…. Read More


What makes a Corporate Video a Great Video?

A great Corporate Video starts with a compelling script. A winning corporate video script reads well by itself without any images, music or graphics. The message is evocative. In the hands of talented editor the images combined with the music lift the message off the page. However, even the most talented editor will struggle to “save” a bad script. The script is just the starting point. Watch this short Corporate Video for more.


How would chapters be used with an Explainer or Corporate Video?

Let’s say you have a presentation that runs three minutes and covers several topics. Some users will become impatient watching a three-minute Corporate Video. While other users may sit through the entire three minutes without an second thought. Generally, however, it’s easier for a user to watch three, one-minute videos or chapters. Breaking your video into segments or topics called chapters will make your presentation more viewable. Watch this short video for more.


What is the best length for my Corporate Video or Explainer Video?

What is the best length for you video? Surprise! There is no perfect length for a Corporate Video. Like all videos the subject has to be relevant to the viewer. If the subject and content are relevant you can hold the user’s attention indefinitely. The real question should be what is the shortest amount of time it will take to tell your message? This is very important. Watch the corporate video to learn more.


How can Corporate Video be used with internal teams?

The use of the Corporate Video is not limited to client or customer presentations. Watch the video that explains how Corporate Videos or Explainer Videos are used for presentations to internal staff or teams. For example, Corporate Videos can be produced to explain new benefits to the company’s employees. Corporate Videos can be used to…


How can I use a Corporate Video Presentation?

The uses for a Corporate Video Presentation are endless. Frequently Corporate Videos, also known as Explainer Videos, are used to convey complex messages in a simple, easy to grasp visual format. Any topic or message can be covered by a corporate video. The combination of motion-graphics, images, on-screen text and voice-over narration work together to Read the full article…